The Jam Factory

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We meet most Sunday evenings  from 5:00 - 8:00pm at the

Central United Reform Church, Duckworth Street. Darwen, Lancashire. BB3 1AT

To find out more about The Jam Factory feel free to contact us on these e-mail addresses:

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The Jam Factory


Richard Ormrod


Pat Walker

Current lineup




Baritone Sax

Tenor Sax


Flute & Tenor

Soprano Sax

Alto Sax





Musical Director, Bass, Drums, Perc, Woodwind, Brass,
Strings, Zildjian (all at the same time)


Andrew Connell - aka Washy Rumble

Julie McGurty 

John Glenn
Chris Hill

Martin Scragg - aka Scraggy 

Andy Hill
Mathias Brust
John Goodacre

Jason Lowe 

Pat Walker 

Judith Khan
Les Scott
Danny Rothwell
Susie Raven (back soon!)

Frances Hatton
Rob Lewis

Robert Follen - aka Bongo Bob 


Richard Ormrod 

Current tech specs for JF gigs.

1. - for a gig in a medium sized hall or similar venue.


  • tenor section solo
  • alto section solo
  • baritone section solo
  • brass section solo
  • drums (bass and 2 overheads)
  • percussion
  • flute
  • mc/guest soloist


  • guitars (2)
  • bass
  • keyboard
  • Monitoring: 2 general mixes if possible

2. - for a gig in a large venue requiring full amplification throughout.


  • tenors, incl flute (4)
  • altos (3)
  • soprano
  • baritone
  • trumpets (2)
  • drums (6, inc. bass)
  • mc
  • guest soloist


  • guitars (2)
  • bass
  • keyboard
  • Monitoring: 2 general mixes